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When I first joined Communicator, the brand struggled to find it's identity. Despite being an email service provider and trying to target marketers who worked in very tech-driven industries, the brand prioritised personality over purpose resulting in very mixed messages. It was clear they had a goal in mind and were unsure of what was the best direction to head in to achieve it.

I worked closely with the company directors to define that direction and navigate the chosen path. To aid this, I reached out to a local design agency that we worked with to provide a neutral voice in discussions and help facilitate conversations while providing an outside perspective. By doing this, a more objective mindset could take place, resulting in a brand with a modern appearance that aligned much closer to the company and client needs.

Having agreed upon the new brand, the agency was a big help in creating, building and implementing the transition away from the old brand. Including helping create a new website that showcased the companies strengths while fitting in with the expectations of how a company in the industry would look.

The website also served as a hub for all the articles, guides and reports, produced by Communicator to inform marketers of current trends and best practices. How this content also received a drastic overhaul as part of the brand change, moving to a much more open and inviting design with the intent of bringing crucial information to the forefront.

A design change wasn't the only way this content changed. To further solidify the core values of the company that the new brand aimed to highlight, bi-annual events began to take place. The purpose of these events was to put our customers at the centre of them, giving more in-depth education on topics raised in guides or trends within email marketing.

These events were an opportunity to get to know our customers more intimately but also get a feel for how our brand was perceived by them, as we didn't want to alienate them with these changes. Through doing this, we gained a rough benchmark of how our brand performed and could begin testing new strategies and messaging to get the desired outcome.

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