The simplicity of a bookie but the power of an exchange.

Collaborated with: Josh Davis

Creative fields: UI/UX & Art Direction

All content owned by Smarkets

SBK is the sister app for Smarkets, focusing on the more casual bettor, in contrast to the professional trader that Smarkets targets. At their core, both products are identical, with the noticeable differences being how the information is present to the user and how it's interacted with it.

Despite the symbiotic relationship between the two products we felt it was a necessity to have to very distinct identities for the two products. As to try and reach such a varied audience with a singular brand would have done more to harm the brand than strengthen.

That said, we did feel it was necessary to show the connection between the two products and their respective brands in some way. After a lot of exploration, we concluded that the best way to connect the two was through the primary colour palette and logo styling.

By having similarities in these areas, we could create a subtle subconscious connection between the two in the mind of those familiar with both. That said, we felt it was beneficial to avoid a direct one for one recreation of the Smarkets brand. Instead, opting to create a brand that expanded on this giving the freedom for more variety and vibrance when needed, while still allowing us to fit them alongside each other seamlessly.

Initially, we hoped to apply a similar approach to the product given that this was, in essence, skin on top of the Exchange product. However, when we invited users in to test this hypothesis by trying very different prototypes, it was easy to see that the tailored approach was the way to go.

Through repeated user testing we gained a lot of valuable insight into what our target demographic was looking for within this kind of app and to our surprise, we were still able to create some unification between the products when it came to flows. How navigating to find events and how payment methods are accessed, for example, are very similar between both.

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